San Diego Master Class

Power Acting: For Film, Television and Theatre TAUGHT BY JEFFREY MEEK Saturday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th from 10:00AM-2:00PM Whether you’re preparing a television audition, playing Shakespeare or just starting out, Jeff offers coaching from one of Hollywood’s successful professionals, who will lead you toward your highest goals as an actor. Jeffrey has been… Read More

My Teaching Philosophy

My primary teaching focus is to encourage and guide the actor to embody the character he or she is playing, by creating the most effective ways to overcome the character’s obstacles to reach the character’s objectives and desires. Masterful acting occurs when the artist has created the most effective moment-to-moment reality for the character, and… Read More


We sometimes distinguish between professional and amateur on the basis of money: the professional is paid, while the amateur works only for love. But “professional” means much more than the fact that someone gives you money for what you do. The root of the word comes from an old French verb, profes, that meant, “to make a… Read More

Power Practice

Talent is important for success as an artist, yet difficult to define. We think that someone like Mozart was touched by God and more talented than most everyone and, although that may very well be true, we must remember how hard he worked at it, how hard he practiced and honed his gifts. Mozart wrote… Read More

Ensouling Performance with Enthusiasm

To turn performance anxiety into ecstasy, all focused practice and performance must be fueled with enthusiasm. The definition of enthusiasm comes from the early 17th century, from the French word enthousiasme, or via late Latin from Greek enthousiasmos, from enthous meaning, ‘possessed by a god, inspired’, or as I say, that which has God in… Read More

Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive

My desire is best served when in complete listening to what is happening NOW. All of this is to remind me to stay focused on what is important – THIS MOMENT – to be a better actor by being a student of moment-to-moment presence. I must stop thinking that I need to add anything; that my work, and my life is supposed to look a certain way. I need to trust in the now to achieve my goals of becoming the best I can be in my work as well as my life. Read More

Becoming a Professional

BECOMING THE PROFESSIONAL ARTIST How does one stoke the fires of one’s creativity and keep growing as an artist? An actor must have a game plan with peers and teachers to help achieve his goals.  Being in an academic environment at a school, one usually feels a strong sense of support from the faculty and… Read More