What is Jeffrey Meek Studio? It’s a scene-study workshop where committed and passionate actors come together to develop and hone their craft in a focused, supportive environment. The Jeffrey Meek Studio acting technique is based on many powerful and useful traditions i.e., Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg and Ivana Chubbuck. 

Learn to:

*Act and Audition for Film, Television and Stage

*Approach and Land a Good Agent and/or Manager

*Create a Reel That Showcases Your Greatest Strengths

*Act for the Camera

*Break Down a Script


*Audition for Musical Theatre

*Improve your Public Speaking Skills

*Overcome Stage Fright and Audition Anxiety

*Develop Confidence

My Teaching Philosophy

My primary teaching focus is to encourage and guide the actor to embody the character he or she is playing, by creating the most effective ways to overcome the character’s obstacles to reach the character’s objectives and desires. Masterful acting occurs when the artist has created the most effective moment-to-moment reality for the character, and appears to be discovering his character’s life in an authentic way. Uta Hagen once stated, “The actor puts his own psyche to use in finding identification with the role, trusting that a form will result.” Masterful acting requires that the actor never get caught acting.

Actors are guided and encouraged to approach their work with boldness and freedom. Commitment and imagination are as important, if not more so, than talent. In addition to in-depth character analysis and scene study, students will gain a practical understanding of the entertainment business, including the steps toward finding a good agent/manager and how to create an effective reel.

Jeff is dedicated to helping actors of all levels and skills. You will receive a powerful support system to free up deeper character exploration and development.

Jeffrey Meek Studio acting technique is designed to bring out the best in the actor or performer. To be technically sound is the lowest common denominator. So, to stand out, the actor must be heartfully present and robustly vulnerable. Masterful acting requires listening with the conscious and the unconscious mind – trusting our intuition and imagination. When an actor is seeking the most effective way to play a given moment, Jeff uses a process that helps guide the actor to discover a powerful, personal and authentic character choice. You will receive a powerful support system to free up deeper character exploration and development so you can give your most outstanding performance.

Jeffrey Meek teacher

With over thirty years experience as a professional actor, writer and coach, Jeff is dedicated to helping actors of all levels and skills. As the lead in many movies, five television series, scores of episodic television and over a hundred stage plays and musicals, he has had the privilege to work with hundreds of directors, casting agents and actors. For more information, visit Jeff’s Biography Page

Whether you are preparing a film or television audition, giving a speech, tackling stage fright or just want to have fun acting, Jeff offers coaching from one of Hollywood’s successful professionals who is determined and prepared to lead you toward your highest goals as an actor. 

Jeffrey Meek Studio
On location, creating an acting student’s reel.

Private Lessons – I’m also available for private lessons. I offer one-on-one audition coaching, role preparation coaching, and coaching on the film set.

Online CourseActing for Film, Television and Theatre This powerful step-by-step course guides actors from the script to the screen and stage, creating fully realized, dynamic and authentic characters. Acting for Film, Television and Theatre is meant for anyone interested in more effective acting from beginning to advanced actors looking for more power and authenticity in their work and auditions.

Private Online Acting Lessons – One of Jeff’s great joys is connecting and working with actors from all over the world via the internet. If you don’t happen to live in Southern California, you can still have private, professional acting training via Skype. Auditioning for film and television has changed rapidly in the last couple of years with the advent of computer cameras. It’s rare to go to an audition and not be put on camera. More and more frequently, auditions are filmed on computer cameras and emailed to the casting office. Working on Skype is very effective. If an actor’s performance comes alive on a computer camera, that performance will be strong and powerful on any camera. Also, you don’t have to leave the privacy of your own home. This saves a ton of time and lots of money. It’s a clear, wonderful way to work. It’s as if we’re in the same room. Try it! You’ll love it! 

Jeffrey Meek public speakerGuest Lecturing and Master Classes – Some of Jeff’s favorite work is teaching master classes and guest lecturing to groups of new students. Jeff had the honor of lecturing at many schools, conferences and universities, including San Diego Repertory Theatre, San Diego Film Festival, The Rubicon Theatre, San Diego State University Writer’s Conference, University of California Irvine, California State University Los Angeles, Santa Barbara City College, Orange Coast College, Riverside City College, and Santa Barbara’s Laguna Blanca and Dos Pueblos High Schools. 

We can create a workshop designed for your personal and specific needs. If it’s for a one-day event or a two-week intensive, we will create the ideal acting workshop. For information, please visit Public Speaking. 

I welcome those interested in becoming better public speakers to join class at Jeffrey Meek Studio or take take lessons privately via skype.

Manny Unzueta“Joining Jeffrey Meek’s acting class was truly one of the best decisions I could have made in regards to coaching. There are so many acting coaches out there that offer different teaching styles and information regarding how to take on the industry. So it can be really tough to find someone who you fit with. Jeffrey really knows how to help make you feel relaxed while getting you out of your comfort zone. That is already a very tough task to do, especially in front of a class. But, the friendly environment Jeffrey creates for his students makes the daunting task of being vulnerable on stage, a much more pleasant learning experience that makes you feel more empowered to take on any scene/monologue. He has taught me that it is ok to fail in a class setting, for those failures will ultimately lead to great realizations. I have been working with Jeffrey for over a year now, and he ultimately has become much more than just an acting teacher. I have created a great friendship. The personal bond he creates with you really helps in assisting with whatever struggles or difficulties you are having with your craft. We are all different, and we all have our own styles of telling stories. Jeffrey understands that, and will will direct you in whichever way necessary in order to lead you to your most authentic self. If you truly feel acting is your passion and really want to push yourself to that next level, I would definitely recommend Mr. Jeffrey Meek. You will not regret your time.” -Manny Unzueta

quinton bowers“Jeffrey Meek sets the bar for phenomenal acting coach. His concern for his students and their wellbeing translates into a patient teaching method where truth onstage is discovered like an epiphany. He is well-known to visit with students who are going through a personal life crisis, or even just an acting crisis, and the fact that his students so eagerly seek his advice on such matters is evidence of the depth of their respect for him. When it comes to authority in the world of cinema, screenwriting writing and theater, Jeff is and has been on the forefront for decades. He has enjoyed leading multiple films, starring in his own hugely successful TV show as well as countless theater productions across the nation, and that’s just getting started. He has connections, experiences and stories that galvanize his students and make them realize that their success in acting isn’t some shadowy future, it’s now. Honestly and to get to the point, Jeff cares for his actors. He’s genuinely attentive to what the actor has to say about their character choices, and astounds us every week with insight into those characters and their motivations. So unique is his style of teaching that, for most of us, I only needed to attend one class before I was hooked.” -Quinton Bowers

Beth Shepard“As an acting coach/teacher Jeffrey has a wealth of knowledge from his vast experience and education in film, television, and theater. He generously shares this information with his students helping them improve as actors and become empowered as individuals. He is fully invested in the growth and development of his students. He demonstrates this by acclimating to each student’s specific needs with a sensitivity that allows students to be comfortable to explore their talents. Most impressively, Jeffrey has an ability to connect with all his students, regardless of what level of experience they have, where they come from, or who they are culturally/ethnically, he is able to provide the same valuable guidance to all that follow his teachings.

Jeffrey’s is also incredibly passionate about the art of acting and is able to inspire his students to discover their most authentic selves. Through his teaching he has been able to obtain a loyal and committed group of students that is growing in each location that he teaches in.” -Beth Shepard

caleb“Taking class from Jeff is about equivalent to taking a class from Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Ivana Chubbuck, and Stanislavsky combined. Jeff taught me how to ask the right questions when approaching the work; he teaches not only what to do, but how to do it. Whether you want to act in film, television, theatre (including Shakespeare), or even voice work, Jeff is a fantastic resource. Jeff is a kind and genuine human being who will keep your best interests at heart. He wants to push you to your full potential as an actor. Will you become vulnerable? Yes. Will you become authentic? Definitely. Both elements are required for true, real, believable acting, and Jeff will bring them out in you.” – Caleb Kneip

Jodi“Jeffrey Meek has been my personal acting coach and friend for just over two years. I have attended various drama schools and had private coaches over the last twenty years and am thankful that I followed up on numerous recommendations regarding Jeff’s training. Jeff is devoted to his vocation, his passion and enthusiasm is inspiring. I have broken through barriers both personally and professionally and have achieved goals I never thought possible thanks to the training structure, guidance and ongoing support from Jeff. Anyone would be fortunate to learn from such a dedicated, experienced teacher who strives to help others achieve their full potential.” – Jodi Haigh

Scott Puckett“At the tender age of 59, I finally said to myself….you’re an actor. Signed up for a class with Jeff with no real ideas of what to expect. And oh….I had no idea of the treasure I would find. Yes, my passion has been opened! Yes my soul can never again be contained….for it now soars! I’ve been under Jeff’s tutelage for approx 9 months, meeting once a week. I am continuously amazed by Jeff’s level of knowledge and mastery of his craft. And something totally unexpected….. The sense of comradery…all of my fellow acting students so support one another, from day one; we have become a family. Thank you, my friend.” – Scott Puckett 

Joe Mcilhargey“Jeff is a great teacher. He works one on one with you to help you break down scenes, analyze your approach, and help you become the best actor you can be. He’s upbeat and brings his passion and enthusiasm for acting to class. He’ll also work with actors outside of class to make sure everyone is getting the help they need. Highly recommended!” – Joe Mcilhargey

For more info, view Student TestimonialsJeff’s Biography and Frequently Asked Questions

Classes are limited to twenty students, so come join us now!

I look forward to working with you.

“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination.” John Keats