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One of my great joys is connecting and working with actors and speakers from all over the world by teaching on Skype. Working on Skype is very effective in different ways. More and more frequently, auditions are film
ed on computer cameras and emailed to the casting office. If an actor’s performance comes alive on a computer camera, that performance will be strong and powerful on any camera. Also, you don’t have to leave the privacy of your own home. This saves a ton of time and lots of money. It’s a clear, wonderful way to work. It’s as if we’re in the same room. Try it! You’ll love it! View Testimonials.

Learn to:

*Act and Audition for Film, Television and Stage

*Approach and Land a Good Agent and/or Manager

*Create a Reel That Showcases Your Greatest Strengths

*Act for the Camera

*Break Down a Script


*Audition for Musical Theatre

*Improve your Public Speaking Skills

*Overcome Stage Fright and Audition Anxiety

*Develop Confidence

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Take Jeff's Online Acting Course (1)Online Acting Course
If you don’t happen to live in Southern California, you can still have professional acting training through my Online Course: Acting for Film, Television and Theatre. This powerful step-by-step course guides actors from the script to the screen and stage, creating fully realized, dynamic and authentic characters. This course is meant for anyone interested in more effective acting from beginning to advanced actors looking for more power and authenticity in their work and auditions. This course is completely online for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of acting anywhere in the world. 

Financial Commitment for One On One Acting Lessons

Tuition for Skype acting lessons is $75 per session. Sessions are 90 minutes in length but sometimes go as long as 2 hours, depending on the particular subject we will be working on. I request that students book appointments for at least one month in advance. I want to know that you’re serious about the work and your commitment to becoming an actor. Payment is due the first class of every month. If you first begin taking lessons mid-month, your payment is pro-rated for that month. We accept cash, check, cashier’s check, money orders and payment via PayPal. Session cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If an actor cancels less than 24 hours in advance, they will be charged for the cancelled session. 

Online Acting Testimonials

“Jeffrey Meek is able to break down big important concepts and explain them in a way that brought on so many epiphanies for me that never clicked before. I took this online course because I gave up acting while my kids were young. Now that my family has moved, I don’t have access to acting studios like I had in L.A. After taking the online course, I contacted Jeff through his website and have started taking lessons via Skype with him. He is fantastic! Better than any coach I’ve ever worked with. Completely supportive and a wealth of knowledge and truly the nicest man. I wish I’d started studying with him sooner. Highly recommended!” -Kathleen Scott, from Jeffrey Meek’s Online Course: Acting for Film, Television and Theatre

954857_10152732456301707_5497101713329940912_n“Thank you for creating an easy to follow, effective training program. Jeff’s passion and enthusiasm is both inspiring and infectious. He communicates effectively, giving practical examples after each lecture. Jeff’s knowledge and wealth of experience is enlightening and the process gets results! I will feel so much more confident with my choices at my next audition knowing I have ‘done my homework’. I look forward to learning as much as I can from Jeff.” – Jodi Haigh, Skype student and Jeffrey Meek’s Online Course: Acting for Film, Television and Theatre

“Jeff Meek has everything I looked for in an acting coach and mentor. He’s incredibly bright; has had decades of professional experience in theater, TV and movies; he’s kind and supportive, yet direct and disciplined; he teaches concrete acting skills, as well as techniques that helped me harness and use my anxiety and stage-fright. He’s helped me in person, by phone and on Skype; he has the technical equipment, know-how and directorial skills to help me create a reel to submit to agents and casting directors, that’s helped me start to get professional jobs. Jeff’s a consummate acting professional, an actor’s actor, who’s warm, funny and supportive. He’s a wonderful teacher with great depth of insight and understanding. I give him my highest recommendation.” – Andrew Thomas, Skype acting student

Patti Coburn“I’m amazed at the changes in my approach to acting and the confidence I have gained thus far. It’s so rewarding working with Jeff.  He offers an incredible wealth of insight, experience and an opportunity to improve and redirect my talent in a way that (if I’m allowed to quote Jeff) ‘changes the molecules in the room’. I’m so lucky to have found a coach, friend and fellow seeker like Jeff. – Patti Coburn, Skype student

“I will revisit this course again and again. I have been a fan of Jeff Meek’s work as an actor for many years. Now I see why he’s so great. He is thorough and passionate about what it takes to prepare a role. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to perform at a high level.” – Jonathan Martin, from Jeffrey Meek’s Online Course: Acting for Film, Television and Theatre

“This course is PACKED with fascinating and useful information. I developed terrible stage fright and wanted to find a place to revisit acting and public speaking where I didn’t feel pressured to get up and perform until I was ready. I love how Jeffrey Meek talks about taking the focus off myself as a performer and putting my focus onto actively going after what my character wants from the other characters. Great concepts. I appreciated how he took me through his script to give specific examples of each concept. Learned A LOT I did not know. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in great acting.” -Emily Franklin, from Jeffrey Meek’s Online Course: Acting for Film, Television and Theatre

“Jeff’s classes are an inspiration on a professional and personal level. He creates a very supportive environment, which encourages the student to dig deep into their emotions to understand the motivation of characters and bring them to life off the page. Jeff has helped me unlock my potential and given me the confidence to perform, particularly in public speaking. In each of his sessions I have learnt something new about the art of performance and what I am capable of achieving. It is a magical ride working with Jeff!” – Pearl Olson, Skype student

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