Jeff Meek Acting TeacherHello, and welcome to the official Jeffrey Meek website. For those interested in acting lessons, I’m teaching classes at Jeffrey Meek Studio in San Diego. Jeffrey Meek Studio is a scene-study acting workshop dedicated to creating an environment where committed and passionate actors come together to develop and hone their craft in a focused, supportive environment.

I also offer Jeffrey Meek Studio Online, private one-on-one acting sessions with yours truly. One of my great joys is connecting and working with actors from all over the world via the internet. Feel free to learn more about me by clicking my Biography page, Blog, or by visiting the IMDB website.

I’m also the professor of Acting for Filmmakers at The Los Angeles Film School and the co-artistic director of PlayFest Santa Barbara, a playwriting festival, dedicated to the discovery and development of new plays and musicals.  

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Acting Class for Television, Film and Theatre in San Diego, CA

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You will learn how to:

  • Act and Audition for Film, Television and Theatre
  • Approach and land a good agent and manager
  • Get the most out of rehearsing
  • Deepen character exploration and development
  • Survive and flourish as a professional Hollywood actor
  • Avoid the pitfalls that can block your success
  • Create a reel that showcases your greatest strengths
  • Break open a script in the most effective way
  • Turn stage fright and audition anxiety into a powerful performance.
  • Develop confidence and stage presence
  • Create a daily practice to continually hone your acting skills

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My Teaching Philosophy

My primary teaching focus is to encourage and guide the actor to embody the character he or she is playing, by creating the most effective ways to overcome the character’s obstacles to reach the character’s objectives and desires. Masterful acting occurs when the artist has created the most effective moment-to-moment reality for the character, and appears to be discovering his character’s life in an authentic way. Uta Hagen once stated, “The actor puts his own psyche to use in finding identification with the role, trusting that a form will result.” Masterful acting requires that the actor never get caught acting.

My teaching method is based, essentially, upon the techniques of our professions’ finest scholars and teachers, i.e., Stanislavski, Chekov, Meisner, Adler, Hagen, Morris, Cohen and Chubbuck, with the inclusion of state of the art advancements in behavioral and neural biology and modern psychology.

Currently, professional actors are faced with many challenges that require him or her to create and develop their characters very quickly. Often actors are required to audition for a particular television show or movie, or if they are a series regular, are forced to create a complete performance within a twenty-four to forty-eight hour time frame. Consequently, the actor must rely on a technique that quickly fleshes out the character in the most powerful and effective way possible. To do this, I use a systematic framework that works beautifully for quick auditions, while also being ideal when I’ve had the luxury of a four-week rehearsal process for a long run in the theatre. This multistep framework has developed over the life of my education and thirty-seven year career, and has been used with hundreds of acting students over the past twenty years.

Jeff is dedicated to helping actors of all levels and skills. You will receive a safe and powerful support system to free up deeper character exploration and development. 

Whether you are preparing a television audition, playing Shakespeare or just starting out, Jeff offers coaching from one of Hollywood’s successful professionals who is determined and prepared to lead you toward your highest goals as an actor. 

“Jeff’s classes are an inspiration on a professional and personal level. He creates a very supportive environment, which encourages the student to dig deep into their emotions to understand the motivation of characters and bring them to life off the page. Jeff has helped me unlock my potential and given me the confidence to perform, particularly in public speaking. In each of his sessions I have learned something new about the art of performance and what I am capable of achieving. It is a magical ride working with Jeff!” 

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“Jeffrey Meek is able to break down big important concepts and explain them in a way that brought on so many epiphanies for me that never clicked before. I took this online course because I gave up acting while my kids were young. Now that my family has moved, I don’t have access to acting studios like I had in L.A. After taking the online course, I contacted Jeff through his website and have started taking lessons via Skype with him. He is fantastic! Better than any coach I’ve ever worked with. Completely supportive and a wealth of knowledge and truly the nicest man. I wish I’d started studying with him sooner. Highly recommended!”

– From Jeffrey Meek’s Online Course: Acting for Film, Television and Theatre

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This course is completely online for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of acting anywhere in the world. 

If you’re living in Southern California, Jeffrey Meek Studio is a scene-study workshop where committed and passionate actors come together to develop and hone their craft in a focused, supportive environment, through in-depth character analysis, using a combination of techniques based on traditional methods.

News For June 2018

The Actor’s Challenge Showcase is designed to guide the apprenticed performer into the arena of professionalism in a safe, loving and compassionate environment. Actors from each of the studio classes are welcome to participate. The actors learn to build strength in the areas of focus, courage, poise, self-confidence and resilience – a real sense of worthiness not easily attained in a traditional acting class. One of the greatest challenges for an actor is overcoming the fear of being seen in their work by those closest to them – their friends and family. The Actor’s Challenge Showcase gives the actors an opportunity to ask loved ones and respected professionals to come see what they have been able to accomplish in their work over the past 21 days. Tickets for the performances will be sold at the door and online. For tickets, click the link: