Want to Learn How to Act?

Jeff has over thirty years experience as a professional actor, writer and coach in virtually every genre. As the lead in many movies, five television series, scores of episodic television and over a hundred stage plays and musicals, he has had the privilege to work with hundreds of actors, playing opposite such greats as Academy Award winners Denzel Washington and Mickey Rourke to Bonnie Hunt, Kurt Russell, Kelly McGillis and Matthew Morrison. He has learned from some of the greatest directors and studied with the best coaches in the entertainment business, and would love to share his wealth of skill and knowledge with you! 

If you’re in the Santa Barbara or Ventura area, come work with Jeff at Jeffrey Meek Studio. Class size is limited to thirty students, so sign up now to reserve a spot. 

Jeff also founded The Actors Joint, a Hollywood workshop dedicated to creating an environment for beginning and professional actors to have the freedom and support to reveal their true potential, get work in this new professional paradigm and increase every actor’s longevity in the business.

Jeff and Mickey Rourke in "Heart Condition".
Jeff and Mickey Rourke in “Johnny Handsome”.

Jeff is dedicated to helping actors of all levels and skills. You will receive a powerful support system to free up deeper character exploration and development. 

Whether you are preparing a television audition, playing Shakespeare or just starting out, Jeff offers coaching from one of Hollywood’s successful professionals who is determined and prepared to lead you toward your highest goals as an actor. 

Jeff with Denzel Washington in, "Heart Condition".
Jeff with Denzel Washington in, “Heart Condition”.

Learn to:

*Act and Audition for Film, Television and Stage

*Approach and Land a Good Agent or Manager

*Create a Reel

*Act for the Camera

*Break Down a Script


*Audition for the Musical Theatre

*Improve your Public Speaking Skills

*Overcome Stage Fright and Audition Anxiety

*Develop Confidence

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